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    Help you sell it website
    Here's a website we did called Help You Sell It

    We set this up on the Blogger platform for the low cost benefits (No ongoing costs) and the professional look.

    Here's an exert from their about us section:

    We are a company that can help you sell big ticket items like Cars, Boats and RV's just to name a few. 
    We can completely manage your online ads, in other words, we are like your own personal marketing team.
    We started Help You Sell It when we realized there were customer after customer coming in to the yard we worked at trying to sell their car, caravan motor home etc. they all had one thing in common, they couldn't be bothered selling their units privately as it was "Too Much Work".
    That's where we come in, we do this for a living, so we know what it takes to get your unit advertised properly and sold quickly, our nerds do all the work!

    This brand new start up can help you with the following:

    Do you need help selling your Car?

    Do you need help selling you Caravan?

    Do you need help selling your Motorhome?

    Do you need help selling your Boat?

    Do you need help selling/renting your House?

    Do you need help selling your Farm Machinery?

    Do you need help selling your business?

    They even offer free information to do it yourself with tips for selling privately and Contracts for private sales and for sale signs to put in your window.

    Let us know what you think about this layout and/or business model in the comments. 


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